Welcome to Tekology.
Let us be your technology experts.

We offer friendly and professional service for all of your technology needs. Whether we're installing a custom home theater system, whole house audio, servicing an Apple or PC, or setting up a network, Tekology will go out of the way to ensure that you see us as people you can trust to get the job done.

We are a team of highly trained professionals motivated by a common goal: helping our customers find the best solution. We can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need for your entire technological world. Whether in your home, small business or remotely, we will discuss what you want, what you need, and how it can work best in your life. Then we'll come up with a custom solution based on our expertise.

Client Testimonial
  1. We started with Tekology at our business and in no time they were heading to all of our homes to perform their amazing services there as well. When you find a company that goes the extra mile in all that they do you trust them to help you with all the technology in your life. We depend on it and in turn we depend on them. Thanks for everything!

    —Anthony D.
  1. “Tekology rocks!! We have used Tekology both at our business and home for several years now. Top notch professionalism, clean cut, friendly and honest. What more could you ask for?”

    —Mike C.
  1. “I have depended on Nate for over two years now, and I do not know how I could do without him. He does everything well, quickly, and with panache. I never feel stupid with Nate. And I can ring him up on the phone with little things and he knows the answer almost immediately.”

    —Ruth L.
  1. “Nate is a whiz and a delight to work with. He keeps our business operating smoothly with his breadth of knowledge and cost-effective approach to solving technological problems.”

    —Baker Ellis Asset Management LLC
  1. “I can’t say enough good about Nate. He is fast, and I have sincere confidence in his incredible technical genius. He has been able to help me with all of my computer jams and believe me…you name it … I have found it.”

    —Carolyn K.
  1. “Nate has completely configured laptops, sound systems, televisions and such for us, and has made them easy to use. Beyond his willingness to make the technology work seamlessly, his customer service is outstanding.”

    —Janet J.