Customer Reviews

At Tekology, we believe that the best way to judge a company is by its clients and their experiences with us. Feel free to read these experiences below and please leave one of your own.
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Mike C.

Tekology rocks!! We have used Tekology both at our business and home for several years now. Top notch professionalism, clean cut, friendly and honest. What more could you ask for?

Carolyn K.

I can’t say enough good about Nate. I have known Nate for at least 3 years now and I really NEED him in my life. He has saved me many times. He is fast, and I have sincere confidence in his incredible technical genius. He has been able to help me with all of my computer jams and believe me…you name it … I have found it. Thanks Nate, you are awesome!

Shawn W.

Fast, Knowledgeable, Professional, Affordable, Honest. Keep up the good work guys!

Marilyn B.

Nate does excellent work. He takes the time to explain procedures to me. I am always so happy after he has been here because everything works so much better. High marks!!!!!!

Ellen B.

When Tekology arrived I was almost in tears. My laptop had been in another shop twice and each time it got worse. Tekology had it up and running smoothly in about an hour. They then customized it as I have wanted it from the day I got it. They added a new virus program and then added it to my husband’s laptop too. Then just to top it off they fixed our cable remote so it works alone without a second remote which we have not been able to do since we got cable years and years ago. We are now preparing a list for a consulting session. Thanks so much!

Donna R.

Founder, Race Studio

I was fortunate enough to be referred to Nate by a fellow artist after I purchased an IMAC. It was so great to find someone who at least pretended I was not a computer twit…and did it cheerfully by the way. He is a joy to work with …all of the problems I was having he helped me to understand and fixed other glitches without a problem. I find great comfort in knowing Nate is still available to work with!!

Anthony D.

We started with Tekology at our business and in no time they were heading to all of our homes to perform their amazing services there as well. When you find a company that goes the extra mile in all that they do you trust them to help you with all the technology in your life. We depend on it and in turn we depend on them. Thanks for everything!

Nancy H.

It makes me laugh to think you once worked for Geek Squad. If all goes well, someday you’ll OWN Geek Squad!! It is a pleasure to witness your well-deserved and hard-earned success — JUST DON’T LEAVE US WITHOUT A JUNIOR NATE!!

Ruth L.

I have depended on Nate for over two years now, and I do not know how I could do without him. He does everything well, quickly, and with panache. As many of the reviewers say, I never feel stupid with Nate. And I can ring him up on the phone with little things and he knows the answer almost immediately. In the event that the problem is bigger, he comes promptly. I have never waited more than a day or two. This is one of the few letters of unconditional endorsement I have ever written, and it is a pleasure to do so. May Nate prosper and be with us for a very long time!

The Spanglers

Tekology came to set up our new Toshiba laptop which was to replace a four year old HP. The HP was minutes from being dropped down the garbage chute. They changed our e-mail to gmail, got our security set up and lots more. Then they tackled the HP. After some shop time the old #$*&*&$#%, as we called it, is like new. Thank you very very much!

Bobbie W.

We found Nate a few years ago when Geek Squad said they couldn’t revive our aging desktop PC. Not only did “Nate The Wonder Geek” revive the computer, he got back every one of the family pictures and files (the ones I had been crying over!), and set up an automatic backup so it would never happen again. He’s since replaced to old desktop, upgraded us to a flat screen monitor, tweaked our big screen TV, revived our wireless modem, and set up the perfect laptop for travel. I gladly refer Nate to anyone having computer issues and everyone who has used his services loves him as much as we do.

Neil K.

We had an expensive, but old and antiquated, multi-room audio system in our house that hasn’t worked properly from day one. Nate and Tim introduced us to Sonos and our lives have not been the same since. They used much of the existing equipment that we had invested in, but magically integrated a state of the art system that is easy to use and puts everything at our fingertips. Thank you for everything.

Steve H.

Owner, Changing Landscapes

Nate and Tim teamed up to change out our office computer. Wow, what service and speed. Nate even confirmed that the price I found for our new desk top was great.They even suggested that I switch out the old one with my slower one in the home office for better performance and storage. I am impressed with their integrity and attention to detail I will be recommending them to all my friends.

Linda C.

We saw one of the Tekology cars downtown and decided to do some research and give them a call. After reviewing the website it was clear that others were happy with their services. Tim came to our home and was a wealth of knowledge. He upgraded our Apple computers, redesigned and improved our network, shared a printer and set up a new universal remote for our home theater system. Everything worked like never before and was handled efficiently and professionally. We are planning to have Tekology out to the business to improve our situation out there as well. Thanks again!

Janet J.

Nate has completely configured laptops, sound systems, televisions and such for us, and has made them easy to use. Beyond his willingness to make the technology work seamlessly, his customer service is outstanding. He’s helped me troubleshoot problems on a Saturday night, and even helped us move a huge cabinet downstairs in order to better organize the office systems while he was onsite. We’re always happy to refer Nate to people, knowing he’s completely capable, innovative, and extremely fun to have into our home. Nate’s amazing, trustworthy and delightful.

Baker Ellis Asset Management LLC

Nate is a whiz and a delight to work with. He keeps our business operating smoothly with his breadth of knowledge and cost-effective approach to solving technological problems.

Gail G.

Let me be hopefully one of the first to congratulate you on all the updating and doing so well in your business. I can tell you as I always have that if all the people were like you, caring, and considerate and going just that one step out of your way, then the world would be a better place by far. You have not only been my ‘putter guru, taking care of my “little guy” and my “big guy” making sure they run tip top, even though my “little guy’ is about 100 yrs old you have done a wee of a job in everything that you touch and your knowledge is absolutely the best. Thank you for being a good friend, and being there when I am panicking and crying for “HELP!” the best for you in the coming years. My heart is always with you and your lovely family.

Susan F.

Around here, we refer to Nate as Nate the Great, after a character in a kid’s book our daughter used to love. But seriously… He’s great. He totally knows his stuff, he’s quick to respond, he’s friendly and professional, and often he gives us little techno-lollipops or teaches us something helpful we didn’t know. Hello right clicking (please don’t laugh). Hello, Pandora. Hello, screensaver eye candy. Computers are wonderful, but also infuriatingly temperamental and utterly mysterious. My husband and I are very grateful we’ve found Nate!

Diane S.

Tekology came to our home only to find a complete technology nightmare! We have several computers and a home theater that have always been a headache. Tekology was in our home for less than 10 minutes and already had figured out the majority of our problems and had an accurate estimate on what it would take to get us “dialed in.” By the time they left the computers ran better than the day we bought them and the home theater was cleaned up and set up with a universal remote making it easy for everyone to use. Awesome job and we know where to go for any of our technology needs.

Bill T.

Nate was highly recommended to me by a friend and I was very pleased by his services, professional manor and friendly attitude. Mine was a simple problem but I could tell after discussion with him that he harbors a wealth of technical expertise. I highly endorse his services and expect to utilize same again.